woensdag 9 maart 2011

World Wednesday: the rose of Africa

Eufemistically, it's sometimes called the rose of Afica, flowering in bushes, streets, gutters, trees... the plastic bag! Fortunately, bright minds know how to put this litter to better use. Two great examples:

Tawakal is a small organization in Somaliland that supports women and children. To generate income, they gather litter from the street, primarily plastic, wash it and turn it into bags and baskets. Look how fabulous!

In Mali, another beautiful country where the African rose causes trouble, the designers of KIX developed a colourful, flexible chair from recycled plastic bags.

I like the shape of the chair, since it reflects the relaxed African attitude :) I can see someone hanging in there for hours.. That's what I liked so much when I lived in Africa, that people live so much less by the clock. Our lives in the West are often dictated by this set of rules we once set to ourselves to make life simpler. And of course it's handy to set a time for an appointment, but the time should not become a dictator. Remember what it feels like when you are on holiday and you wake up one morning not knowing which day it is. And it doesn't matter! Isn't that wonderful? 

Have a relaxed day! :)

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