donderdag 2 december 2010

Fancy Friday..

..with things I liked on the web LAST week. This week was so hectic I could hardly follow blogs, my Google Reader is full of unread stories.

By the way, as you might have noticed, it's not Friday yet, but with last week in mind (no time, no energy), I thought I better post this right now.

  • the sweet designs of Heartzeena
  • these cushions from Stofenzo. What a great idea, one side African fabric, the other side typically Dutch, that would so well fit in this household :)
  • thise burlap basket from Maya*Made
  • the pictures of the cat in this post, cats are sooo cool!  
  • a new Dutch discovery: Strawberry Earth: "a blog for creative people who care about our planet." The founder, Mette te Velde wanted "to bring New York's optimism, creativity and green solutions to Amsterdam."  Strawberry Earth organizes film festivals and the Eco Fashion Fair. Like very much!

Last but not least, snow has arrived in Holland! Pictures follow.


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